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  • Tecmo World Cup '93 - Master System
  • Tecmo World Cup '93 - Master System
  • Tecmo World Cup '93 - Master System

Tecmo World Cup '93 - Master System


Tecmo World Cup '93 - Master System

The World Cup rolls around once every 4 years for a chance for countries to show the world how good they are at this single sport, football (also known as soccer). Even though there was no World Cup held in 1993 the game Tecmo World Cup ’93 has the main teams and rules the World Cup is famous for.

Tecmo World Cup ’93 is a football game that simulates the World Cup from the Pools to the elimination rounds that end with the finals. It has the option to play the 24 most known countries to have played in the World Cup, each with players having there own skill levels based on the real teams. There are 3 more modes to chose from that includes Versus where the player can play against a friend, Exhibition where one the player picks a opponent to play a single match, and Watch where the player picks two CPU players to battle it out alone.

When playing a game the player first picks the team they want to play (and there opponents team if in Exhibition mode) and the color of there jersey before the CPU picks a random jersey color for their team. Before the match starts the player can set up the formation of the team and can also set up who plays and their position, this menu can also be accessed when a goal is scored or the ball goes out. The players (that are all abbreviated to there initials) have stats for Power, Speed, and Technique. When the game starts the player is presented with a side on birds’ eye view of the field. The player, when in control of the ball can pass the ball to the closest team mate or attempt for a goal. When defending the player can change the controlling player or do a slide tackle (slide tackle is the only tackle the player can do). There is no penalties in the game other then kicking the ball out. The game is fast paced as it is played in sped up mode to get a full game in a reduced time. There are 3 levels of difficulty and the default game length can be changed in the configuration. Password save after each match is available.

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Name: Tecmo World Cup '93 - Master System
Released: 1993
Genre: Sport
Format: PAL
Languages: English
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Sega

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